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Department of Strategic Studies

Research projects of the Department of Strategic Studies

“Theory and Strategy of Contemporary Terrorism” – Sebastian Wojciechowski.

“The Faces of the Contemporary Jihadism. Origin, Evolution and Activity of Chosen Islamic Terrorist Organizations” –  Artur Wejkszner.

“Key Determinants of Poland’s Security in Early XXI century” – collective research

“European Union Towards Transformation Process in Egypt after 2011″ – collective research

“Internal and International Asepcts of Terrorism” – collective research


Publications of the Department of Strategic Studies

1. Terrorism as a Timeless Actor on the International Stage, ed. by Sebastian Wojciechowski, Poznań 2005.

S. Wojciechowski, The Triad of Terrorist Motivation – Introduction.

A. Wejkszner, Iraq International Terrorism.

2. The Power of Terrorism, ed. by Tadeusz Wallas and Sebastian Wojciechowski, Poznań 2005.

R. Fiedler, Suicide Terrorism in the Strategy of Hamas and Al-Qaeda.

S. Wojciechowski, The Psychosocial Sources of Terrorism.

3. The Faces of Terrorism, ed. by Sebastian Wojciechowski, Poznań 2006.

R. Fiedler, Iraq: Between Stabilization and Destabilization. Suicide Attacks, Kidnapping, Islamic Terrorism and the Threat of Civil War.

A. Wejkszner, Countering Terrorism at the Onset of the 21st Century – Through Chaos to The New World Order.

S. Wojciechowski, Global Terrorism.

4. The Modern Terrorism and its Forms, ed. by Sebastian Wojciechowski, Poznań 2007.

R. Fiedler, Victorious Hamas – is it a Final Breakdown of the Peaceful Process with Israel or a New its Beginning?

A. Wejkszner, The Post 9/11 Al Qaida. The Vanguard of Islamic Terrorism at the Onset of the 21st Century.

S. Wojciechowski, Selected Issues of the Studies on Terrorism.

5. The Terrorists Pandora’s Box. Analysis of Chosen Terrorist Issues, ed. by Jerzy Babiak and Sebastian Wojciechowski, Poznań 2008.

R. Fiedler, Iran – State Sponsor of Terrorism and Its Nuclear Ambitions.

S. Wojciechowski, Economic and Social Disproportion in the Modern World as the Stimulant for Terrorism.

6. Sebastian Wojciechowski, Terroryzm na początku XXI wieku. Pojęcie, istota i przyczyny zjawiska, Bydgoszcz 2011.


7. Poland’s Security. Contemporary Domestic and International Issues, eds. Sebastian Wojciechowski and Anna Potyrała, Berlin 2013.

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8. Sebastian Wojciechowski, The Hybridity of Terrorism. Understanding Conteporary Terrorism, Berlin 2013.


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